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Resveratrol has anti-aging, anti-cardiovascular disease, antipyretic and pain-relieving effects. The binding of resveratrol to estrogen receptors in the body can regulate blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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The health of our clients is our primary concern. We offer a wide range of high quality supplement products through a team of qualified and certified professionals.

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Strong Anti-aging, Antioxidation, Menopause Symptom Relief, Immune System Enhancement


Resveratrol a premium plant extract supplement, has excellent antioxidant and anti-aging properties and enhances the body’s immune system. Our resveratrol supplement capsules offer rational and scientific configurations to ensure maximum value from the resveratrol extract.


Our resveratrol supplement capsules are made from pure natural safe materials, no unnecessary fillers or potentially harmful preservatives. Resveratrol is extracted from grapes grown in their natural state to ensure maximum results.


Studies have shown that soy isoflavones have a mild estrogenic effect. Therefore, our capsules can improve to some extent the discomfort of menopausal patients, regulation of endocrine disorders prevents wrinkles, and removes skin blemishes.


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Greater Richer Content

1500mg of resveratrol more than the 500mg or1000 mg of other capsules, which can ensure real results. In addition, our capsules contain 500mg of soy isoflavones for menopausal needs.

More Professional Technology

With decades of proven technology and experience in the field, we are able to guarantee the highest quality products.

Best Quality Materials

Resveratrol is extracted from grapes grown in their natural state, which is equivalent to the amount of resveratrol in 100 bottles of red wine. Indiana soybeans, 100% naturally grown.

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We provide 7*24 hours customer service to solve any of your problems to the maximum extent.

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